IT was like a scene from the film Top Gun as the deafening noise of a Wildcat helicopter landed in two residential areas in Carlisle.

Pupils were blown away, literally, when a crew from the Royal Navy’s Wildcat Maritime Force landed a helicopter at two city schools - Kingmoor and Belle Vue.

And it was a welcome return to Belle Vue for Chief Petty Officer Bobby Rae who was a former pupil at the school along with its current headteacher Andrew Cairns.

Mr Rae, 41, said: “It is amazing to be back at Belle Vue after all these years. It brings back a lot of memories especially playing football on the school fields.

“My own children, two boys and a girl, go to Kingmoor so we chose to land the helicopter there in the morning and then I asked Mr Cairns if he would like us to visit Belle Vue too.”

Children at the two schools had the chance to listen to a short video in a special assembly before heading out onto the school field to look at the aircraft.

The Wildcat is attached to HMS Defender - a Type 45 Destroyer.

The children asked questions about how fast the helicopter could fly and at what height.

Mr Rae, who has been in the Royal Navy for 19 years, said: “It can fly higher than 10,000ft and the fastest this crew have been is at 235mph.

“We have been on this current helicopter since September but it will be going globally by the end of this year.”

Mr Rae often spends months away from his family. He is based in Somerset.

He told the children: “There are 10 of us in the team and my job involves a great deal of team work. The job is very rewarding.”

Mr Cairns said: “Going to school is all about creating experiences and memories for the pupils.

“In 50 years of Belle Vue I don’t think a helicopter has ever landed here.

“The fact that Bobby and his crew were able to come is amazing and we really appreciate the visit.

“It teaches children about the Navy in general and about science and technology.”

Children from both schools were able to stand on the school field and wave the helicopter off.