Objectors to a housing development close to Dent Fell gave a round of applause as plans were rejected for a second time.

Councillors voted against the plans to build a further 11 homes on Trumpet Terrace in Cleator Moor.

Planning chiefs had recommended the development for approval when it was initially put before Copeland’s planning panel last month. Because the decision went against officers’ advice, it had to go before the panel for a second time.

But members once again decided to go against the officers’ advice, citing the visual impact and highways issues as their reasons for refusing it.

Speaking at the meeting, Mrs Robinson, who lives on Trumpet Road, said: “All for the sake of a few new builds we have to suffer more traffic coming down an already dangerous, congested road.

“Every weekend I have my young grandson and I take him to Whitehaven but getting to the bus stop is a nightmare.

“We cannot walk on the island as at weekends it is jam-packed with cars and vans. We have to walk on the edge of the road to reach the bus stop.

“Coming back from town, we get off the bus at Wath Brow as I will not risk my grandson getting knocked down getting off the bus on Trumpet Road.

“It’s an absolute nightmare. It feels every weekend as if we are dicing with death every time we cross the road.”

John Robinson, also a resident on Trumpet Road, said: “Residents believe a new junction entrance to the site on the A5086 would greatly affect road safety on an already very busy road. Traffic speeds on the road daily exceed the limit of 30mph.

“It is a risky business for children and ageing and infirm residents to cross to either side of the road. A semi-blind bend could make exiting the new junction even more hazardous.

“This development will impose on almost 100 households.

“In addition, the park and ride facility at the former Kangol site now has provision for up to 600 vehicles - extra traffic to pass up and down Trumpet Road and Trumpet Terrace daily.”

“Residents are very familiar with the traffic on this road and know the very serious increased risk of accidents from the proposed entry point of the new development.”

Mr Tyson, who also spoke at the meeting, said: “Residents have a genuine fear their community will be changed forever in a very negative way. People have chosen to live on Trumpet Road for many generations because they value its rural situation with its magnificent views of Dent Fell.

“The proposed development would block all this and change it to a view of big houses towering over the existing terraced properties.”

Michael Sandelands, agent for the developer, said: “The proposal complies with national planning policy, the council’s interim housing policy and the policies contained within the Copeland local plan. The proposal will deliver a type of housing that demonstrably meets the local housing needs and will help balance the local housing market. An amount of local objection to new development can be expected.”

Speaking after the decision was made, councillor Linda Jones-Bulman said: “It’s a unique, beautiful area which we are custodians of. We need to demonstrate that.”

“My main aspect is the vehicle issues on Trumpet Road. To put this housing issue right in the middle of it - I think it’s just crazy.”

Nick Hayhurst, Copeland’s planning development manager, said: “You know that we’ve got a target each year. When we’ve got sites that are on the edge of settlements in sustainable locations that you won’t support, then I’m afraid we’re never going to meet the target.”