Officers were called to a trailer overturning on the M6 in Cumbria.

The force received the call shortly after 6.30pm yesterday, responding to the incident on the M6 northbound near Tebay.

Cumbria Police said Highways England dealt with the incident.

A motorist told the News & Star: "The wind was dangerous; it blew my little car from one lane to another.

"I then realised the cats' eyes vanished ahead of me and there was something dark. I slowed down and suddenly spotted a man waving his arms in the middle of the road, beside an overturned trailer.

"I put my hazards on and managed to slow down the traffic behind until we all stopped. I got out and the guy said the wind had grabbed the trailer and just dragged the car around, before flipping the trailer over.

"It was too dangerous to leave in the road so I waved two guys from a van and a lorry driver came to help, and between us we managed to turn it the right way up.

"Three of us then dragged it to the hard shoulder.

"The wind was treacherous. I'm surprised there wasn't a serious accident."

Police received a large amount of calls overnight following a number of incidents that had caused difficulty for motorists on the county’s roads.

Officers worked closely with partner agencies, including the Highways Agency, in order to respond to incidents such as fallen trees and objects in the road.