ANDREW Tinkler was lawfully removed as a director of Stobart Group, a judge has decided after a High Court battle.

Judge Jonathan Russen concluded the dismissal of the high-profile businessman by bosses at Stobart Group during the summer of last year was a "lawful and valid act".

The judge had overseen a trial in London late last year and published his ruling on Friday.

Bosses at Stobart Group, which began life when Eddie Stobart went into business as an agricultural contractor in Hesket Newmarket, Cumbria, during the 1960s, had sued former chief executive Mr Tinkler.

They wanted a judge to rule he was lawfully dismissed.

Mr Tinkler, a former cabinet maker who led the business between 2007 and 2017, said he was removed for no good reason.

But the judge said in his ruling: "The dismissal of Mr Tinkler on 14 June 2018 was a lawful and valid act.

"The removal of Mr Tinkler as a director of the company on 14 June was a lawful and valid act."