A SOCIAL enterprise is endeavouring to power up Cumbria’s electric car charging capabilities.

Charge My Street, a social enterprise based in Alston and Lancaster, is on a mission to install charging points for electric cars across the north west and beyond.

It is currently carrying out a survey on its website, chargemystreet.co.uk, in order to identify possible locations for new charging points throughout Cumbria.

Charge my Street spokesman Daniel Heery said: “We are looking for sites to host charge points and people who would be interested in having a charge point in their neighbourhood.”

The social enterprise has stressed that residents in Cumbria who want to switch from petrol or diesel vehicles to electric are currently being hampered by a lack of charging points in the area.

Those behind it have also argued the time is ripe for developing electric vehicle infrastructure, with air pollution “exceeding World Health Organisation limits in some parts of Cumbria”, as well as the car industry move away from diesel.

The recently-formed venture Charge my Street has installed two charging points in Cumbria, one at the Victory Hall in Broughton on Furness and the other at Tyne Willows Pavilion in Alston.

The Alston charging point recently received an endorsement from on high, receiving a blessing from the Reverend Mark Williams-Nash.

To raise awareness of the increasing importance of electric vehicles, Charge my Street is hosting a free event on February 26 at the Beacon in Whitehaven.