A Cumbrian estate and land agency has continued to expand its services by branching out into the world of wedding videos.

PFK, which has its head office in Skirsgill, Penrith - as well as seven offices across the county - already offered video as part of its services, but only recently began making wedding films.

Manager of PFK Media Allen Williams joined the company five years ago, initially using his drone to create aerial videos of properties for sale.

“I was a licensed drone pilot and I started producing videos of the properties and then it merged into creating interior walk through videos as well,” said Mr Williams, 34, of Clifton, near Penrith.

The move into filming weddings came after he volunteered to get some drone footage of a friend’s big day, which a local videographer and photographer from Carlisle edited into a video they were making for them.

PFK has now begun offering his expertise as a wedding videographer as part of its package of services.

“PFK offers a lot of different things, not just property - there’s a planning department and surveyors, so this is just another new aspect to the business,” he said.

“I edit the videos around the music from the couple’s first dance. We usually start with the bride getting ready and having a bit of champagne and then we get to the actual ceremony and then the party afterwards. I like to stay in the background really and just get natural shots of people as if I am not there. You definitely get the nicest shots when people are being natural.”

Mr Williams hopes PFK will make videos of at least 10 weddings this year and double that in 2020.