A CUMBRIA shepherdess has been put through her paces in the latest episode of SAS: Who Dares Wins.

Hannah Jackson - also known as the red shepherdess because of her hair colour - took part in another set of hair-raising selection challenges, set by former soldier and TV presenter Ant Middleton in sub-zero temperatures in the Andes, Central Chile.

Of the 25 who signed up to take part for the 11-day event, three recruits had dropped out by the end of the first episode.

In the second instalment, which aired on Channel 4 on Sunday night, the remaining 22 recruits battled their way through their third and fourth days of tough SAS selection tests.

One of the first tasks was to abseil up a mountain, and once at the top, run back down the 200-foot cliff face.

When questioned about how she found running down a cliff on Twitter, Hannah replied: “Loved it!

“All the adrenaline things like that I could get my head into a completely steady mindset and just do it.”

The 26-year-old said the task did make her nervous, but added: “it’s all about ruling your own head.”

Later in the show, the remaining men and woman were split into two groups in an intense head-to-head race to carry a 90kg log, and some tyres across a bridge and up into the Las Animas Hills.

In a tweet, Hannah said: “90kg log up 60 per cent incline was insanely hard.

“I had some very sore cut and bruised shoulders after that.”

The episode also featured a controversial boxing challenge, which sparked lots of debate on social media after 29-year-old midwife Louise was punched in the head by male recruit Nathaniel.

Hannah had to fight fellow recruit, Esmee, from Essex, which she described as ‘one of the worst and hardest bits’ of the SAS challenges.

Sharing her thoughts on the experience so far, Hannah tweeted: “[I] just kept my head down, focused and got on with whatever was thrown at me.”

Another two recruits left the programme, with Hannah through to next week’s episode.

It’s the first time women have taken part in the show, which started airing earlier this month.

The decision followed a rule change by the Ministry of Defence, which allows women to serve on the front line and join the SAS.

The red shepherdess beat off competition from 5,000 applicants to take part in the fourth series.

Instructors put the recruits under constant physical and mental pressure, with the option open to voluntarily withdraw from the course.

SAS: Who Dares Wins continues on Sunday at 9pm on Channel 4.