Political pressure is growing on the Government to throw financial weight behind a bid to ensure a new nuclear power plant is built at Moorside.

Tony Lywood, Labour’s prospective parliamentary candidate for Copeland, is calling on Theresa May’s authority to underwrite the floundering new build vision.

Hopes for a £15 billion nuclear power station were left in ruins when Japanese engineering giant Toshiba decided to pull the plug after talks to secure a buyer stalled.

Now, Mr Lywood has set up a parliamentary petition, which will require a Government response if it reaches 10,000 signatures, demanding the Government financially supports the Moorside project.

He wants “warm waffling words about working together” to be replaced with action.

His petition states: “The future of the proposed new build nuclear power station at Moorside in Copeland is at risk.

“We are calling for the Government to underwrite Moorside and secure its future.

“No nuclear power station anywhere in the world has ever been built without government help.”

A debate in parliament would have to be held if the petition reached 100,000 signatures.

Mr Lywood said: “It is clear that without Government support Moorside is very unlikely to ever be built.

“We must try to change the direction of this Government and I urge everyone to sign it and get their neighbours and friends to do the same.

“Moorside will be crucial for the livelihoods of many and we must do everything we can to ensure it is built.”

The deadline for signing the petition is June 13, 2019. “The development at Moorside is crucial to the financial wellbeing of Copeland and Cumbria as a whole,” said Mr Lywood.

“Warm waffling words about ‘working together’ and an almost blind belief that only the market will deliver Moorside are wrong.

“Only with Government support will this project be delivered.”

Mayor of Copeland Mike Starkie has previously called for “urgent action” to salvage the new build in an open letter to the Government.

Writing to business secretary Greg Clark, Mr Starkie asked the Government to step in either by providing “direct investment” or by creating the “right conditions” for another developer to step in.

After Toshiba’s decision was announced, Copeland MP Trudy Harrison, Carlisle MP John Stevenson and Barrow MP John Woodcock held discussions with Energy Minister Richard Harrington MP and senior officials from the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

Mr Woodcock said: “I am grateful to Trudy for organising the meeting. Mr Harrington has shown a commitment to Cumbria and it was encouraging that he made clear he would explore any viable option to get a new plan.”

View the petition at www.petition.parliament.uk/petitions/234444