A DRUNK man broke into a Whitehaven home thinking it was his own before helping himself to toast and sweets.

"Mortified" Christopher David Lloyd, 31, damaged a window and carpet in Daniel Bird's property, after using a ladder to climb through the window.

He pleaded guilty to criminal damage at Workington Magistrates Court on Friday and was ordered to pay a £113 fine and £370 compensation.

Peter Bardsley, prosecuting, told the court how delivery driver Lloyd, of Edinburgh Road, Maryport, had drank a "large number of Coors and Budweiser before drinking whiskey" with his cousin on June 17.

He said Mr Bird, who lives at Greenlands Avenue, Whitehaven, was awoken by the defendant, who had taken a ladder from his shed, removed a window-pane and entered the house.

Once inside, Mr Bardsley said, Lloyd made toast and opened the sweets.

When a "disturbed" Mr Bird discovered the defendant, who had bled on the carpet, he called the police.

He was taken to Workington police station.

"He didn't know why he had done it," said Mr Bardsley. "He thought he had gone to his own house."

Mike Pope, defending, said Lloyd was "absolutely mortified", adding when he was offered breakfast in the police cell he wondered where he was.

"He drank far too much and can't remember the rest. He obviously thought it was his house, he was locked out and tried to get in."

Mr Pope added: "This is the result of absolutely far too much to drink. He can only apologise for what he's done.

"He has no problem with alcohol, this was a one-off."

Lloyd was also ordered to pay £85 court costs.