A BRAMPTON vet practice took to the road to deliver advice on caring for elderly pets.

Capontree Veterinary Centre, which has branches in Brampton, Longtown and Haltwhistle, took their “maturing pet roadshow” to the three towns this week to explain a range of strategies and responses to older pet ailments.

Both an information session and a coffee morning, the events were attended by animals and owners alike.

Practice manager Pauline Graham explained the motivation behind putting on the roadshow.

“It’s good to educate people so they can be aware of what to look for in their pets,” she said.

Pauline explained there are a variety of condition such as arthritis that, just like in humans, affect mostly elderly animals.

She said that modern veterinary medicine has many options for treating such conditions.

“There’s an awful lot you can do now. A lot of people aren’t aware of what can be done with the different things that are out there,” Pauline continued.

“Things like laser treatments and acupuncture. That type of treatment can help with ageing pets when they have various conditions.”

Pauline said that the events, which took place at a different Capontree branch on Monday through to Wednesday, were a success.

“They were very well received and really well attended.

“A lot of people came just to hear about maturing pets, giving them awareness of the conditions that they should be looking for.”

Pauline added that Capontree vets plan to make the roadshows a regular event.

“We’ll be making these regular events for different categories of animals,”

“We might for instance do a roadshow specifically for puppies, or for certain conditions.

“It’s good for them to be able to come to a relaxed environment and chat about their animals,” Pauline said.