THEY have been there, done that and designed the T shirt to prove it.

Two former St Benedict’s, Whitehaven, students have linked their photographic and design talents to create a range of clothing featuring Cumbria’s most famous peaks.

Laurie Crayston, 28, originally from Frizington, has opened an online outdoor and mountaineering clothing business, Ascendancy Apparel.

A keen photographer, he has travelled the world developing his skills.

On his return to the UK, he moved to Kendal and opened his business.

“I wanted to do something with my photography and my clothing range but wasn’t sure how to do it.

He got in touch with an old school mate, Thomas Pilkington. Thomas, 27, was from Egremont and is now living in London and working as a mechanical engineer.

Laurie knew of his friend’s designer skills so the two got together.

He said: “I’d wanted to create some mountain T shirts for quite some time but I’d never quite managed to produce anything I was happy with. I was discussing my idea with Thomas when and he offered to collaborate. I jumped at the chance and so the Ascent Range of clothing was born.”

Thomas added: “Living and working away from the Lakes, the opportunity to work with Laurie meant a lot to me. Despite moving away I obviously still feel a strong connection to the area I grew up and I was incredibly grateful of the opportunity. Being able to use my creativity to pay tribute to the place I grew up was a real honour.”

The men believe the designs will resonate with many people.

“These mountains are special. They are places where so many memories have been created, and so many personal achievements have taken place,” Laurie said.

The Ascent Range clothing is available on