Concerns have been raised about a power plant that is set to open in one north Cumbria town.

The Balance Power Projects plant, which has recently been built on Aspatria Business Park, is a cause for concern for some residents who issued a plea to the town council.

The firm will also build plants in Penrith and near Workington, as well as the battery facility in Penrith.

They will be erected at land in Stainburn Road, Great Clifton, land at Manelli House, Penrith and land at Calthwaite, also Penrith.

A meeting was subsequently called, with Allerdale Council’s planning and implementation manager, Simon Sharp on hand to answer questions.

Taking place on October 23 questions were put to Mr Sharp about issues such as noise, pollution, and the impact of the plant on the value of nearby properties.

However, the meeting did not ease the concerns of many, with another meeting planned for December.

As well as the impact of the plant itself, some residents said they were disappointed about the way in which they were consulted in the months and weeks preceding the application’s approval by Allerdale planners.

A notice was put up in Aspatria Business Park, however residents in the nearby area did not receive letters notifying them of the application.

This move, claim some residents, led to many in the town being unaware of the plans before they were passed.

Allerdale, however, say all the necessary steps were taken in the process and that the applicant fulfilled all planning criteria with their application.

One resident, who lives on Park Road (which is 200 yards from the site), believes she should have been contacted about the proposals.

Anne Newton said: “Allerdale told me they have informed people and put a notice up, but it is 100 yards off the road where nobody goes.”

Mrs Newton has a range of concerns.

“I’m concerned about carbon monoxide, the noise, the impact it is going to have on the value of my house.

“Why did no one receive a letter? Why do we need it (the plant)?”

Mayor of Allerdale, Barry Chambers, said: “The application came to Aspatria town council and we looked at all the relevant factors.

“We looked at the environment impact, emissions that the plant could case. We looked at everything and then the council deemed it to be a low risk impact and did not object to the plans.”

Mr Chambers continued: “At the last town meeting I explained that we examined all the planning conditions and that we had no objections, and I promised that I would ask Allerdale Council to hold a meeting where residents could air their concerns.

“The meeting was held and residents voiced their concerns. Some of the questions asked Allerdale said they couldn’t answer, so they asked if they could go away and hold another meeting on December 5.”

The meeting will take place at 7pm in the Aspatria Community Centre in King Street.

A spokesman for Allerdale Council said: “Allerdale Borough Council’s planning manager, Simon Sharp, met with concerned residents on October 23 to discuss the peaking plant development in Aspatria. A follow-up meeting in a few weeks’ time is also being planned.

“One of the concerns raised included noise and air pollution from the plant. Reassurance was given that the plant would have to comply with strict regulations on these issues designed to minimise any adverse impacts on local residents.

“Concerns were also raised regarding consultation of the plans during the planning process. The council undertook a consultation exercise with neighbouring businesses, the town council and other statutory consultees but this didn’t include residents beyond the business park. Whilst the planning manager acknowledged that the council did consult more widely in relation to a similar application in Clifton due to the nature of that application, the consultation for the application in Aspatria still exceeded the minimum required by the planning legislation.

“The council will also investigate whether recent felling of trees in the area would have a detrimental impact on the level of noise from the site and therefore whether further screening is required.”