Carlisle's litter-picking eco warrior Richard Foster has been hailed a hero by hundreds of people who read his story.

The 26-year-old devotes hours every day to cleaning away other people's rubbish.

Unpaid, he scours the streets of Carlisle for up to seven hours every day, and filling around 15 carrier bags with the litter that other people have discarded.

When his story was posted on the News & Star's Facebook page, it triggered a huge response from readers - virtually all of it positive.

One of Richard's growing army of fans has even set up a crowdfunding appeal to buy him clothing and equipment.

The comments about the work done by Richard, of Mayfield Avenue, Carlisle, have included:

"Absolute legend. He does a huge service to our city. I truly hope the Council will see sense and give the lad a job. He totally deserves it. Many folk out there don't want to work and are quite happy sat doing nothing. But Richard wants to make a difference and ought to be rewarded for his efforts." Kelly Louise Cole.

"Carlisle City Council need to give this guy a Job, 7 hours a day and walks 20 miles unpaid what a guy!" Dan Smith.

"He is about from early morning till late afternoon every day and walks miles. He is a credit to Carlisle. Give him a job." Audrey Whitehouse.

"In years, I've not seen any council worker out litter picking. Used to be a nice man in Botchergate years ago, but they got rid if him for a machine. This lad I've saw in all weather's doing a amazing ...Your hard work doesn't go unnoticed! We all appreciate your time and hard work." Katie Wilson.

"It’s about time this kind man was put on the councils payroll." Linda Wilson.

"He's a legend. After the council took away the bin on my street I was forever picking rubbish out of my front yard, until he started doing his rounds. If the Council is going to pass up giving him a job, the least they can do is give him some safety and work gear." Laurence Brown.

"Great effort from this fella. I see him most days all over Carlisle, never see him without a bag full of rubbish which has sadly been dumped by people who don’t care. Richard clearly does and deserves recognition for his civic pride." Keith Hayton.

"He's a top bloke. We all need to take a leaf out of his book and then we would all benefit and live in a nicer area. Well done Richard." Mark Thorburn.

"I love that people are willing go give up there own time to make a difference in the community. Not because they have to but because they want to. Goes to show what a difference one person can make. Well done Richard!" Phil Askew.

"This man does a sterling job. If people didn’t drop so much litter then this wouldn’t be an issue but I am glad there are people around that take pride in where they live. Hope he does focus a little more on his own safety as I have seen him dart in and around cars recently but the heart is there and that’s the main thing. I hope you get the job you deserve." Jamie Donaldson.

"I see this chap every morning on my way to work, I wondered what his story is. He does a great job and deserves to be rewarded. I did wonder if local businesses maybe supported him?" Emma Desborough-Hartley.

"He’s brilliant. Always smiling even in the rain and waves back if you wave at him. Absolute credit to Carlisle. Should be given a paid job." Heather Smith.

"Well done to this lad,i tried to catch him this morning to thank him,he was to like bat man across the road chasing of these mornings i will catch up with him." Hazel Dobson.

Richard's father Robert said his son is utterly dedicated to what he does, but he fears that at times he puts his life at risk as she dashes into busy roads to pick up litter.

That fear was expressed also by several people who read our story.