A councillor who left Ukip over concerns about the party's approach to the EU referendum has joined the Conservative Party.

Mark Jenkinson, who represents Seaton on the borough and parish councils and stood as the UKIP General Election candidate for Workington last year, said the move came after Prime Minister Theresa May announced plans to implement the policies he campaigned for in the general election.

He said he was delighted to see the Prime Minister announce a roadmap for Brexit, the lifting of restrictions on grammar schools and more protection for armed forces.

Mr Jenkinson, a father-of-four, said: "It's great to see the Conservative Party return to being a party of substance over style.

"I've always been a conservative, with a small c, which is probably what made it easy to support Tony Blair in his earlier years having been brought up in a Labour supporting family.

"UKIP have achieved their primary aim, and while they muddle along fighting each other, the Conservatives are getting on with the serious work of making Great Britain a post-Brexit success."

Mr Jenkinson, 34, has been a member of the Conservative Party in the past and was a Labour supporter for many years.

He was founding members of the UK Independence Party's West Cumbria branch with Mark Little.

He served as its chairman from August 2012 before handing over to David Wilson to focus on last year's General Election campaign, where he came third.

One the same day, he was elected to represent Seaton on Allerdale council and the parish council.

He also sits on Camerton Parish Council, having been co-opted late last year.

Mr Jenkinson said he was confident to be able to better represent residents as part of the borough council's Conservative group.

He added: "People voted for Mark Jenkinson and the policies that I represent.

"None of those things have changed, but the Conservatives are able to implement those policies, where Ukip can't.

"Under the 2015 intake, the Allerdale Conservatives are the opposition that the controlling Labour group need.

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"My primary concern is for the people I represent and to ensure that the money we take from them and spend on their behalf, is spent efficiently and transparently, and that best value is obtained for every pound."

Coun Adrian Davis-Johnston, deputy chairman of the Workington Constituency Conservative Association, said: "Mark is an impassioned and conscientious community leader who I know has taken great care in reaching this decision, with the people of Seaton being his number one consideration.

"I, for one, am overjoyed that Mark is rejoining us to fight for local issues, to hold the Labour administration to account and to ensure that every penny of council tax is spent in a diligent and appropriate way."