Eagle eyed shoppers sorted through rails and rails of vintage clothes to find themselves some bargains.

For the first time Preloved Vintage Wholesale brought their popular Preloved Kilo sale to the Sands Centre in Carlisle where shoppers could fill a bag with anything they wanted and pay £15 per kilo for it at the end.

The sale was hugely popular as people drove from all over Cumbria in the hope of picking out some unique pieces and bargains.

Jess Gregory, events and brand manager at Preloved, was impressed with the venue.

She said: "A lot of people were asking us to come here so we thought we'd try it out and this is a great space for us."

After a mad morning of shoppers rushing about, the sale calmed down by midday on Saturday.

Preloved has kilo sales around the country all year round apart from in July and August when they are at festivals. Making sure they have enough clothes for all of the events is a big task.

Jess said: "We have got a whole team who to go to pick up items individually all over the world."

Shoppers were impressed with the quality of dresses, blazers, shirts, branded sports wear, leather jackets, skirts and jeans from many different eras.

Megan Pyper, 18, of Broughton, near Cockermouth, had picked out a few shirts and jeans.

She said: "I think it's a really good idea. I would go to more if there were more in the area.

"I love how unique vintage is and how you're not always following the trends so you stick out a bit more. You can be a bit more quirky with it."

Naomi Hearn, 39, of Aspatria, often goes to vintage sales with a friend and said she would definitely return to this one if it happened again in Carlisle.

She said: "It's good, I've enjoyed it. What's nice is the thing about £15 per kilo. It's the variety as well."

Megan Barrett, 23, of London Road, Carlisle, and Rebecca Jackson, 24, of Newtown Road, Carlisle, were on the hunt for outfits to wear to a festival.

"It's good," said Megan. "We have found quite a lot."

Men and women of all ages came to the sale, which also had jewellery, bags and belts.

When asked why he came, Joe Usher, 17, of Low Hesket, said: "Because I have expensive taste but I'm poor. Me and my girlfriend are looking for bargains.

"I was quite surprised that there was so much good stuff.

"I go to London quite a lot to Brick Lane to look for stuff like this but it's good for Carlisle."

Sarah Harrison, 35, of Penrith, picked out a dress from the 1970s and two from the 1980s.

She said: "This is the first time I've ever heard about it and I'd definitely come back."