Stunning pieces of street art by world-renowned creator Tabby have appeared in the centre of Carlisle.

The striking images - one of a girl painting a butterfly and another of a soldier walking on a banana skin - have just been noticed this morning.

They are in Victoria Viaduct and Abbey Street respectively.

It is believed to be the first major piece of street art produced by a top artist in Carlisle.

Locals have begun to notice the imagery and have questioned whether or not someone like Banksy has made a trip to Carlisle overnight.

However, the work has been done by Tabby, a street artist from Austria whose work can be seen all over the world.

The work to bring such artwork to the city has been coordinated by Landmark Street Art, based in Crosby Street.

It's owner and director Ben Heslop said: "The reason why we've engaged in some proper street art here is because I'm a lover of Carlisle and everything local and I think it's a shame that we are often overlooked.

"While it may not be Manchester or London we have a lot to offer up here. Street art isn't something that's been properly done in Carlisle in recent times."

Ben hopes that the Tabby artwork will spark a conversation about street art in the city.

The pieces are called Banana Bomber: Making the world safer one step at a time and Butterfly Girl: Create what you dream.

Ben adds: "Both the owners of the buildings are very happy with what's appeared."

Landmark Street Art was launched last year and deals in street and contemporary. They've sold works by well-known street artists like Ben Eine, The Connor Brothers and David Shrigley.