A warning has been issued to rural dog walkers about deadly traps known as snares being dotted around the countryside - after a Cumbrian man's pet got caught in one and died.

Gary Wright was walking his two dogs in open land around Nenthead, near Alston, last month when he realised one of them, Murphy, was not around.

After going home and then returning to the area a short while later to look for Murphy in the snow Mr Wright found his pet dead with a snare around his jaw.

Mr Wright found that there were many other snares in the woods surrounding what are known as "stink pits" containing dead animals designed to lure foxes into the snares.

Simon Wild, a spokesman for the National Anti Snaring Campaign, said: "We find the north of England is one of the worst places for snaring in the country because of the grouse shooting.

"A major study by DEFRA has shown that all snares can kill or seriously injure, but all the Government has done is promote code of practice which is worthless because snares are indiscriminate and deadly."

* The incident was reported to the police and anyone with information is asked to contact them on 101 referencing incident number CP-20180323-0088.