Major plans to reduce congestion caused by Sellafield workers could see a 600 space car park built in Cleator.

As part of the Sellafield Ltd's park and ride scheme, a proposal has been submitted to Copeland Council to revamp the former Kangol site.

The company say the development would help to reduce the number of cars accessing the nuclear plant.

But Cleator Moor Town Council chairman Nick Ford has raised concerns over the impact on traffic in Cleator and Cleator Moor.

"Personally, I would object to the plans," said Mr Ford. "It will cause a lot of congestion and pollution, which a lot of people won't realise.

"All the cars and buses wouldn't do Cleator Moor any favours.

"If it did get permission, it needs to be landscaped better, not just an open area full of cars.

He added: "When NuGen was looking for places to house their workers, they considered here and a bus route from Cleator Moor but they decided against a park and ride because they thought congestion would be a problem.

"That's my initial feeling, but I haven't seen the full planning application yet. I don't think it will do Cleator any good, especially with all the housing they want to build there."

The application, submitted by Newgates Estates Ltd on behalf of Sellafield Ltd, states: "The development will provide parking spaces to be utilised by employees of Sellafield Ltd, as a park and ride facility, with the aim of reducing traffic flow along the A595 towards the Sellafield site and in general across the borough."

Sellafield Ltd has park and ride schemes in place at Workington, Cockermouth, Whitehaven, Egremont, and Greengarth.

The company also recently announced a minimum of three people will have to share a car to get onto the site while a minimum of two workers have to share a vehicle from Yottenfews car park to the nuclear complex.

A statement from Sellafield Ltd said: "A planning application has been submitted on our behalf for the former Kangol factory land in Cleator Moor, to be used as park and ride site for Sellafield.

"This is a another step in the programme to provide more travel options to our employees, and reduce the cars accessing the Sellafield site."

The application states: "The development will not adversely impact on the adjacent Cleator Mills site, and could potentially improve the vicinity due to the removal of the existing dilapidated building.

"The reuse of the site could encourage further interest in the Cleator Mills land and buildings, which would be a significant improvement to the Cleator area."

Planning approval has previously been granted for the demolition of the existing Kangol factory.