Up to six new schools, three community hubs, a cemetery and country parks are among the major changes suggested for Carlisle - in the vision shaping up for St Cuthbert's Garden Village.

It has already been revealed the ambitious long-term plans include the prospect of up to 10,000 new homes being built and a £150m southern link road between Dalston Road and junction 42 of the M6.

Now further details of what is being suggested have emerged as the massive project continues.

The latest thinking, shaped by local views, is for a diverse mix of homes expanding four villages - Durdar, Cummersdale, Brisco and Carleton - rather than an urban extension to the city.

The aim is also to incorporate shops, cafes, schools and other community facilities where appropriate, as well as create opportunities for economic growth like cutting edge digital infrastructure.

Planners are looking ahead to consider issues like future flooding and protecting spectacular views.

A new statement of intent now seeks to highlight how the area, set to be developed over the next 25 years, would make St Cuthbert's different to anywhere else.

It states what those behind the plan believe would be key benefits for existing residents and communities.

The document states there could be new greenspace connected by a 10km "greenway".

New buildings, places and spaces would respect and take cues from local character.

While up to 10,000 new homes - providing a variety of housing options - would in part satisfy demand across the city and the wider region.

"The provision of new homes at this scale is fundamental to maintaining and increasing the workforce necessary to support the growing economy," it adds.

There would be "new schools and facilities to serve the Garden Village but also easing pressures on existing services".

The Garden Village proposals are being generally welcomed by councillor Trevor Allison, who represents parts that falls into the area.

Mr Allison added: "I'm in broad support providing that they listen to responses, which seems to be happening so far."