WE shared the news that plans for a landmark sculpture on the border between Scotland and England have taken a major step forward, with permission being sought for a new site beside the M74.

The Star of Caledonia will be taller than the Angel of the North and is set to provide 'a huge economic boost' for the south of Scotland, with the people behind the project saying it will potentially attract around 500,000 tourists each year.

The £11 million illuminated sculpture, which would be adjacent to Gretna Green, promises to create jobs in the local area and drive more than £50 million of additional tourism revenue, developers said.

Here's what readers thought.

Narissa Marr said: "It's a symbol of scrap metal," and Adam Smith said: "A symbol of diverted money better spent on potholes."

Lou Graham said the money should be used to 'feed people who have to use food banks, fix the roads, improve NHS services'.

Louise Wright said the sculpture 'reminds me of the inside of my nan's sewing bag'.

Carl Crossley added: "Another load of scrap to add to the Angel of the North."

Reaching a height of 35 metres, the Star will be clearly visible from the M74 and form a 'stunning welcome and farewell' to Scotland for travellers.