OUR readers reacted to the news that commercial flights are leaving from Carlisle's Airport... but only on a simulator. 

Gary Summons, who lives near Dumfries, has been creating flight-sim scenery for over 25 years through UK 2000 Scenery and has now added to the dormant Carlisle Lake District Airport to his creations. 

Diane Devine said: "I was born in Carlisle 76 years ago. Nothing much has changed in that time. The whole area is stuck in a time warp. An airport was a step in the right direction. Serious medical conditions are still being shipped to Newcastle or London. I think the Cumbrian people deserve better."

Archie Brooks said: "Cumbria, the second biggest county in England yet we still have to travel to Scotland, Newcastle Leeds, Liverpool or Manchester to get abroad."

Tony Hind replied and said: "I agree Cumbria deserves better but the problem is the low population. Most of the cities you mention have bigger populations than the whole of Cumbria."

Carole Caulfield added: "I don’t understand why it couldn’t be a good business, I’m sure locals would use it."

Michael Cosham commented: "Would be handy if it did a shuttle service to main airports though."

Pauline Scott said: "Cumbrian people deserve this airport to be saved. A link in the middle of the UK will lead to businesses looking to move to the area. More job opportunities."