WE shared the news that Martin Lewis has issued advice to anyone looking for new car insurance deals as research shows premiums have increased by £279 in the last 12 months.

The Money Saving Expert revealed that insurance companies are “legally obliged” to offer existing customers the same rate they would offer new customers.

Here's what readers thought.

Michaela Amy said: "Yep. Ours doubled despite no changes or claims. Just another bill bleeding us dry," while Mark Ritson said: "Any 17-year-old learning to drive today is never going to be able to own a home for a very long time. Buying a car and getting insurance will eat up most of their income for years ahead, I've heard stories of some paying £2,000-£3,000 insurance. It goes into the £1,000s a year with petrol road tax and MOT, repairs etc."

Graham Harrison said: "It's all down to electric cars. So expensive to repair after an accident. They should be the ones with high insurance costs."

Jim Burgess said: "Mine went up £157, got all my no-claim bonuses, no points on my licence, I’ve been told it’s because of all the floods which have damaged cars and the massive payouts."

Michael Tomkinson said: "Older drivers are simply being priced off the roads. It makes no difference what your driving record is like."