WE shared the news that the rate of pothole repairs on local roads in England and Wales has reached an eight-year high, according to a new report.

The annual Alarm survey found that local authorities expect to fix 2 million potholes in the current financial year.

That is up 43 per cent compared with 1.4 million during the previous 12 months, and is the highest annual total since 2015/16 when 2.2 million potholes were filled in.

Here's what readers said.

Ray Patterson said: "Repair them correctly initially and you won't have to go back a few weeks later and repair them again. Save money in the long run."

Paul Baker said: "No shortage of them in Cumbria, would hate to have to ride a bike or motorcycle now."

Jason Crawford added: "Cars have to be roadworthy. Surely roads have to be carworthy."

Susan Armstrong said: "I’m sick of reporting potholes," and Gemma Butler commented: "I had to pick my sister up from West Cumberland Hospital on Saturday night and the difference between the roads in Workington and Whitehaven was shocking."

Stuart Bell also said: "Potholes are not being repaired. They are being bodged with a shovel full of tarmac leaving an inconsistent temporary surface that does not last."