WE shared the news that a £1.3bn project to turn parts of the A66 into a dual carriageway has been approved. 

The A66 Northern Trans-Pennine project will dual the 80-kilometre stretch between Penrith and Scotch Corner in North Yorkshire. 

The project also includes improvements to multiple junctions and minor enhancements to the already existing sections of the dual carriageway on the A66.

It was approved by the Transport Secretary on March 7, following a delay in the decision. 

Transport for the North’s chief executive, Martin Tugwell, said the A66 dueling would deliver indispensable upgrades to the north's east-west connectivity.

Here's what readers thought.

Paul Saunders-Priem said he thought it was 'absolutely brilliant', while Patrick White said: "Perfectly good disused rail line there they could reopen."

Dennis Ineson asked: "How many times over the years have we been told the A1 upgrading to dual carriageway north of Newcastle as well as the A66 is going ahead?"

Mark Smith said the 'A69 is more desperate', and Amos Starkadder said: "While they're at it, perhaps the old Stanmore Pass carriageway should be turned into a byway for horse-drawn vehicles accessing Appleby."

One web user said: "Here we go again. The A66 and A69 should have both been duelled forty years ago when it would have cost a fraction of what it will now."