WE shared the news that a driver is calling on the council to keep on top of potholes after around seven cars were damaged on the B5302 near Waverbridge at the beginning of the year. 

On January 3, around seven to nine cars were pulled over because of the damage caused by a deep pothole before the Station Hill turnoff, escalating the risk of a pileup.

Here's how readers reacted.

Gina Beattie said: "Potholes like this could prove to be fatal for motorcyclists and cyclists, not enough being done and when they do the repair it doesn't seem to last in some cases, people should be looking where they are going and not having to look for potholes which may cause damage to their vehicle or cause an accident."

Tim Kirby said: "Some of the potholes that have been fixed recently are starting to fall apart already. This will only get worse after the frosts this coming week."

Paul Bradberry added: "My car needs suspension replaced on the front due to rough road surfaces in Carlisle."

Philip Martindale commented: "I have just put a new tyre on my car (which was only one month old). I hit a pothole outside where the Moota Hotel used to be on the A595."

One web user said: "The condition of the roads in Cumbria are an absolute disgrace. I would encourage anyone to claim for any damage caused to their vehicles."

A spokesperson for Cumberland Council said: "If anyone does notice any issues on the road network, we encourage them to complete a form online or contact the Highway’s Hotline 0300 373 3736."