Youngsters are the pride of their school after claiming a win in a recent Lego League competition.

Showing ‘teamwork and leadership’ throughout their task, St Bees School entered two teams in the Lego League this year, both were coincidentally made up entirely of girls.

Both teams made it to the Cumbrian final of the Robot Wars- style competition and were the only all-female teams to achieve an impressive silver award in addition to two trophies.

Roger Sinnett, headmaster at the school, was delighted at his students’ achievement.

He said: “Not only did these teams work tirelessly after school in programming, coding, learning a new skill set, they did so as all-female teams, proving that engineering and coding is definitely accessible to all.”

It looks to be onwards and upwards for the team.

Mr Sinnet added: “Their teamwork and leadership is what really pulled them together and we can’t wait to see what they achieve next year.”

Year 7 and year 8 students Amelia, Charlotte, Leilah, Summer, Kelsie and Neve demonstrated strategy, coding and ingenuity to build Lego robots that completed a series of tasks.

The St Bees School pupils were presented with the silver in the Breakthrough Awards for their efforts.

That accolade was only given out to a handful of teams in the county-wide competition.