Schools have not had to cancel Sports Day this year and it has been a welcome sight for so many not least - the schoolchildren.

Ashfield Junior School in Workington who have hosted four sports days in a week, over six hours of activity, so that every year group bubble could participate in their sports ‘day’.

They took part in a rotation of activities which scored points for their house teams in school.

The activities included an egg and spoon obstacle course, vortex throwing, long jump, sack running, skill running, endurance stations and target throwing.

They had to work together to score as many points as possible within a time limit.

Jenna Pears, a teacher at the school, said: "All 254 children took part and had a great time together and the teamwork between them was astounding.

"It was great to see every child having a great time and supporting one another, even better was that within each year group there was a different house winner, so everyone was victorious, however, one house had to triumph overall and they scored over 11,000 points for their team."

Every pupil at Ashfield Juniors worked together to help create something this special sports 'day' so that no child was missed out.

Jenna added: "It was unfortunate that due to guidelines we could not have the parents to spectate, however we hope that next year they will be able to join us once again."