Dale Brotherton makes offer for Workington Reds' Borough Park ground

Dale Brotherton
Dale Brotherton

Dale Brotherton has made an official bid to buy the freehold of Workington Reds' Borough Park site.

Ahead of an independent meeting called by the football club's board tonight, Brotherton confirmed that an "undisclosed offer" had been made.

Earlier this year, former chairman Brotherton revealed he wanted to fight for the future of Borough Park.

In a statement released this morning, he said if his offer was successful, Workington Reds would be given a 100-year lease upon completion, plus £70,000 to repair and improve the stadium.

He said: "This money could be used to supplement any grants available.

"This money will be ringfenced and would not be available for any other purpose.

"On top of this, the club will also receive a rent-free period of 18 months to aid them further. The rental on the ground will be at a very nominal figure.

"The ground will be placed into a trust to safeguard it for all future generations and two to three people with affiliations to the Reds will be appointed as trustees.

"Borough Park and Workington Reds are intertwined with one another."

He added that the club would be able to claim grants not available to them at present and as part of the lease agreement, would be allowed to sublet parts of the stadium so it could access more income streams.

Brotherton added: "This means that the proposal put forward by myself is now a live option and is meant with the very best of intentions to secure future memories and great moments to treasure in the future and beyond for all the supporters, far and wide, of the great club that is Workington Reds and give the town and wider area something to be justly proud of."

The Reds board has previously played down Brotherton's offer and a statement from the club earlier this year said it was in talks with Allerdale council over Borough Park and "considering all offers, including Mr Brotherton's".

John Mckay, Reds joint chairman, said: "The position now is between Mr Brotherton and Allerdale council."

Earlier this year, Brotherton hit out at the club's lack of response and said it had "failed to welcome his interest".

The club's directors have called the open meeting tonight for all Reds fans so they could be updated on the club's position and Borough Park.

Representatives of Allerdale council were also invited.

A statement from the club said: "The purpose of the meeting is purely to update all interested parties of the position. There will be no votes taken or resolutions passed at the meeting as this can only be undertaken in the correct way at a formerly constituted shareholders meeting, which this is not."

The meeting takes place at 7pm at the social club at Borough Park.

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