Saturday, 28 November 2015

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Who is Rory Stewart?

Rory Stewart photo Rory Stewart, MP and Superman, has taken some derisory brickbats lately. It happens when comic book saviours stick their heads above the parapet – without first changing clothes in a phone box.

Last updated 1 April 2014
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Budget? I was hit by attacks of laughter

mbgeoirgie It might not have been the most radical, revolutionary, big-spending Budget anyone can remember – but it contained more than the usual quota of laughs.

Last updated 25 March 2014
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Racial hostility has no defence. It isn’t merely politically incorrect - it’s just plain dumb

Carlisle took a nasty slap across the face when the whole country heard our city described as a racist place, in which hateful, targeted abuse was tolerated widely as just another part of its famously quaint charm. (4 comments)

Last updated 21 March 2014
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Kieron’s had his fill of authority's restriction

Filling Station Cafe photo Being self-employed has certain advantages. Having the freedom to tell people to “stick it” is one of them.

Last updated 11 March 2014
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Jonathan Aitken gives unique Thatcher insight

con73 What would it be like to have Margaret Thatcher as your mother-in-law? Jonathan Aitken can offer an idea. He was boyfriend to Carol Thatcher for three years while her mother led the Conservative opposition.

Last updated 9 March 2014
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Driving me mad

af pot 63 1 Cumbria is a beautiful place to live and work in – it’s just a shame it’s such a pain to try and enjoy it.

Last updated 6 March 2014
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Of course 16 year olds should have the vote

Sometimes the answer to the question is so glaringly obvious it’s embarrassing – even before the question is asked. (11 comments)

Last updated 4 March 2014
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Scrap in the park

Carlisle play area photo The swings have stopped squeaking, there’s no more laughter and the only sound is the rumble of a giant diesel engine as a digger goes to work.

Last updated 27 February 2014
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Savile’s crimes were so appalling, they now seem close to incredible

jimmysaviledfdffggfd There were few shocks or surprises in the NSPCC report on Jimmy Savile’s sex offences against children and young people.

Last updated 25 February 2014
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I’d vote to go if I was Scottish

Like Sir Chris Hoy, I’m proud of my country. (33 comments)

Last updated 20 February 2014
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Cumbria crime commissioner’s post should cop it

Stuart Hyde photo Time, they always say, is a great healer. Its inevitable passage is also a mischievous distorter of memory. (13 comments)

Last updated 18 February 2014
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Do we all need a Boris of our own?

Having a pop at the council has long been a national pastime in Britain.

Last updated 13 February 2014
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Home should be where the heart is

Around the world there are shocking natural disasters – the kind that leave devastated victims without homes, sustenance or faith in future comfort. (4 comments)

Last updated 11 February 2014
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Too sweet for our own good

So Cumbria is the fattest areas of England and Copeland is officially the obesity capital of the country.

Last updated 6 February 2014
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It’s just the latest craze - that’s all

Neknomination photo Sometimes something happens that makes you scratch your head and think: “What the hell was that all about?”

Last updated 3 February 2014
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We will claim Britain’s best mountain. And here’s how

Tryfan. Does the word mean anything to you? Many Cumbrians will not have heard it before.

Last updated 27 January 2014
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If only English politicians spent longer in bed too

Sacrebleu! These French politicians are so outrageously naughty – and wickedly unapologetic too. François Hollande, France’s womanising president, has been playing away – in a very Parisian fashion – with a leggy actress, no less. (2 comments)

Last updated 21 January 2014
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Is dad-of-22 Raymond Hull to blame for cashing in?

pthullreginaldddd By now everyone will know of Raymond Hull. Everyone, that is, who hasn’t been busy burrowing to the centre of the earth or flitting to a newly mortgaged home on Mars.

Last updated 14 January 2014
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Who needs a fancy 3D HD TV anyway?

In this era of high-definition, 3D and Blu-ray, there’s something comforting in the news that some Cumbrians are still watching black and white television.

Last updated 13 January 2014
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The results of going green

sm carburgh In howling gales and lashing rain – this winter’s scarily bizarre default conditions – the weekend’s dutiful recycling exercise was less than pleasant.

Last updated 7 January 2014
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