Tuesday, 01 December 2015

No luck in Cumbrian successes

So, what is it that makes some Cumbrian businesses flourish against all the odds of a deeply troubled economy, while others elsewhere crumple beneath the weight of austerity?

It’s certainly more than good luck. More even than textbook management. It takes strength, determination and imagination to swim against a strong and dangerous tide.

Every penny and each job is hard earned and fought for fiercely. And as we report this week on businesses with the energy and innovation to be better than the rest, we highlight a regional characteristic of stoicism.

Studying the success stories of companies which have grown and prospered in spite of all obstacles, it’s tempting to imagine what might have been possible in Cumbria had recession not bitten for a second time, had banks been more willing to lend, had there been more positive general conditions for investment.

But there is no room and no time for imaginings when the only way through the continuing storm is with focus, muscle, unstinting hard graft and risk.

Much of Cumbria’s business is in fine fettle – given the conditions in which it must operate. The best of it will weather recessionary storms to emerge stronger, smarter and yet more driven when the economy finally catches up with its resourcefulness.

At that point, others will call us lucky to have done so well. But we’ll know better. Luck was never even a part of it.


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