Threat of strike action over nuclear industry pension changes

Sellafield: Workers could be balloted over pension changes
Sellafield: Workers could be balloted over pension changes

UNIONS representing workers in the nuclear industry are to discuss holding a strike ballot over pension changes.

The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority is starting a consultation next week on proposed cuts to final salary pension benefits across the NDA estate, which will run until March 10.

It expects to implement the changes by April 2018.

Senior representatives from the Prospect, GMB, Unite and ASLEF/TSSA unions meet in London on Monday to discuss their response.

The changes affect 11,000 nuclear workers at 19 sites including Sellafield, the Low Level Waste Repository at Drigg, International Nuclear Services at Westlakes Science Park near Whitehaven, Carlisle-based Direct Rail Services, and Chapelcross near Annan.

Dai Hudd, Prospect deputy general secretary, said: “Prospect members in the nuclear industry are some of the most highly-skilled workers in the UK – indeed some of them are world leaders in their field.

“There is no justification for cutting these workers’ future pensions by more than £600m.

"They have every right to demand that governments honour their commitments to them over the lifespan of this essential work.”

He added: “There was a justified outcry when Phillip Green was accused of taking a similar amount – £580m – from the BHS pension fund. Reaction to this Treasury-inspired raid should be no different.”

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Nobby   Knowitall , Seascale Thursday, 05 January, 2017 at 7:03PM
Apparently Sellafield workers final salary pension entitlement is protected by statute, but in order to make monetary savings, the government is wanting to change the law so it can change the statute. They will save very little relative to the current governments costs of running this country.
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