VIDEO: Quick win in Uppies and Downies 2017 series


Tactics won out in one of the shortest Uppies and Downies game in Workington in recent years.

Uppies, who have to get the ball to Workington Hall, hailed the ball in a record 26 minutes on Saturday, netting them the 2017 series win.

Jamie Friel, brother of Tuesday's hailer Liam, was the victor. Downies, who have to get the ball to Workington's harbour, started off well after the throw-off at 6.30pm at Cloffocks bridge, by getting the ball into the beck almost immediately.

But Uppies fought back and two big throws saw the ball hurled onto the field behind Borough Park.

A massive dummy run by Workington Cricket Club, orchestrated by the Uppies, saw confusion reign just 15 minutes into the match.