Carlisle Labour candidate at last General Election will not stand this time

Labour's Lee Sherriff
Labour's Lee Sherriff

Carlisle's Labour candidate at the last General Election has announced she will not stand this time around.

Lee Sherriff, a current member of Carlisle City Council, finished second in the race to become Carlisle's MP in 2015, losing out to Conservative John Stevenson.

She won 16,099 votes - a 37.8 per cent share - while Mr Stevenson won 18,873.

In response to a tweet from Fiona Mactaggart, MP for Slough, saying she hoped Ms Sherriff would put herself forward for election, the Carlisle councillor said: "Thank you. Not this time, I've decided that it's not the right time."

At this stage no one from the Labour Party has publically put themselves forward to be in contention for the seat.

In a statement on the Carlisle Labour Facebook page, a party spokesperson said: "As many of you will know Lee Sherriff will not be standing for Parliamentary candidate on this occasion.

"Carlisle will therefore be going to NEC selection. The process and timing is available on Membersnet. Applications open today, and close Sunday Lunch time."

Ms Sherriff currently holds the communities, health and wellbeing portfolio on the city council.

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