Friday, 27 November 2015

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Girl, 14, was prostitute for Carlisle takeaway boss, court told

A curry house boss from Carlisle who paid a 14-year-old girl £200 for sex told her that the younger his partners were the better, a jury heard.

Azad Miah photo
Azad Miah

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The girl, now in her 20s, said that Azad Miah, 44, used her as a prostitute for three years, when she was aged between 14 and 17.

The defendant, who ran the Spice of India in Botchergate and takeaways in Whitehaven and Cockermouth, has denied hounding young girls for sex while running a brothel.

Throughout yesterday, the Carlisle Crown Court jury heard the evidence of one of the girls who said she was paid by Miah to have sex with him.

The court also heard from another girl who said she was just 12 when the restaurant boss pestered her for sex.

The first witness had earlier given a video taped interview to police in which she said that by the time she was 14 she had a £60 a day drugs habit.

She took amphetamine, heroin and drank alcohol all the time, she said.

“I was spending a lot of money,” she told police.

She told the officers how she met Miah through a friend, who told her that he was paying her for sex. Asked if she was paid every time she had sex with the defendant, she replied: “He used to give me money straight afterwards.”

The officers at one point asked if Miah was told how old she was at the time. She said her friend told him while she was there, saying: “He laughed and said it’s okay.”

Her friend advised her not to go to the police because she might end up in prison.

The woman told the police officers she now felt Miah’s behaviour was “immoral and wrong... because he knew how old I was. He should not have done it and I should not have done it either.”

The woman, who later discovered she had contracted two sexual diseases, said Miah asked her if she could get other young girls for him but that she never did.

In court yesterday, the woman said there were three other men working at the Spice of India who she had sex with for money, one chubby and small and another who was skinny, and in his 30s or 40s. They had sex in the rooms above the shop, she said. They gave her only £20 because they didn’t have much money.

Asked what she did with the money, she replied: “Spent it on heroin.” A third man, she said, paid her £10 for her to perform a sexual act. At some times, Miah was in shop and at other times he was not.

Stephen Meadowcroft QC, for Miah, suggested to the woman that she actually began having sex with the defendant in 2008 when she was aged 17.

He said Miah had given her money but not for sex. “He was giving you money out of kindness; out of friendship,” said Mr Meadowcroft.

The barrister said the woman had been in a relationship with Miah which had gone on for some time. “We didn’t have a relationship,” replied the woman.

The witness went on to describe how Miah had driven her and a friend out into the countryside near Carlisle.

She said: “He asked me how much I wanted for having sex with him. I said I didn’t know. After the first time, I felt dirty, so I didn’t know if I wanted to do it again. He offered me £200 to sleep with him.

“I told him I was 14, going on 15. I asked him if he would prefer to have sex with [my friend] rather than me, and he said he would rather have me because he preferred younger girls. The younger the better.”

After having sex, he had counted out £200 in notes which he took from a pocket, telling her not to tell the other girl how much she was paid, said the woman.

The barrister went on to outline a series of allegations made by the girl which he said had been “totally false.”

They included a claim that she was drugged and raped in September 2008. The witness agreed the claim was false, but she said she was drugged and she was told by somebody she had been raped but she couldn’t remember it.

She admitted that she may have “once or twice” made up false allegations when she was younger to get away with things with her mum. She said Miah would only ever meet her for sex.

Mr Meadowcroft told her: “I suggest the truth of this is something very different from what you are suggesting.

“I suggest it’s you who have been using him. You formed a relationship with him when you were nearly 18 and that is what happened. You kept that relationship going and you took money from him because of that relationship.”

The second witness, now aged 16, told police she was just 12 when Miah began sending her text messages and following her in Botchergate.

She said he told her he didn’t care about her age and would give her money. She said he offered her money for sex. She described a 14-year-old girl she knew who dressed “pure skimpy,” and would get into the defendant’s car.

The girl said she reported Miah’s messages to police on three occasions but nothing happened. She went on to describe an occasion when she was 12 when the defendant pulled up in his car as she was walking home at night.

She said he tried to grab her and pull her into his car but she kicked him and ran off. Mr Meadowcroft suggested the incident never happened, prompting her to say: “Wrong.”

Miah, of Warwick Road, Carlisle, has denied eight counts of paying for the sexual services of a child between 2005 and 2009 and eight counts of inciting child prostitution, involving six girls aged between 12 and 16.

He has also pleaded not guilty to a charge of keeping a brothel at the Spice of India. The trial continues.


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