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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

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Fears raised over north Cumbria hospitals maternity shake-up plan

North Cumbria could face a potentially “dangerous” shortage of experienced midwives if a proposed shake-up of the service goes ahead as planned, unions have warned.

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@TB, I echo the exact points as both Dee and BM. You suggest that I should hold no opinion as to how the trusts are run as it doesn’t concern me? Wrong, I like millions of other hard working people have paid taxes for years and I would hope in the society we live in that the general publics opinion does count!! I can’t proclaim to know how the hospital is run, but as Dee pointed out, to compare it to the running of Mcdonalds is beyond belief. Regardless of what I or you or anyone else thinks, the underlying theme is that if frontline staff are fundamentally the most important aspect of the hospital and therefore need to feel valued and appreciated. This is both for their own moral and for the safety of the patients in their care!!
@Anon, I appreciate what you’re saying about the focus being on frontline staff, however this is because they are the ones in direct contact with patients. Patients fear that if these roles are lost the so too will be the standard of service they receive.

Posted by Sam on 27 July 2012 at 17:48

It is fair to criticise the outcomes. Is the hospital providing the necessary service, its coverage, its performance?

That doesnt mean that you, I or the unions know better. How it is managed is for the managers to decide.

Running a hospital is exactly the same as running any other large business. A business needs to run to a budget, whether the business is for profit or not. All large organisations have things in common.

I did not 'verbally attack' a pregnant woman. It cannot be 'verbal' if it is in the written form. And the woman in question, I'm sure does not feel 'vulnerable' because she is pregnant.

I am not the one trying to scare her about changes to a system that she had no knowledge of, to a system she will still have no knowledge of and somehow make her feel that her unborn child is at risk.

That was the unions not me. Unions have a place in the system, but they arent in charge and they never work intentionally in the favour of the users.

Posted by TB on 27 July 2012 at 17:42

No TB, how the hospital is run and what impact changes may have is very much Sam's business and the business of every person that funds it. That's us, the taxpayers. Although your point about the motives of the unions may be well have an element of truth to it, it is almost certainly indicative of a well-entrenched tory ideology you have become the messageboard's flag-waver for. However, your response to Sam was overly callous, pointlessly dismissive and lacking in respect. She is entitled to her opinion without having to endure your sanctimonious and demeaning comment. Your anti-union opinion could have been made without verbally attacking a pregnant lady. But then again, Tory Boys are not known for their social sensitivity are they?

Posted by BM on 27 July 2012 at 13:34

@TB - have to laugh, frankly. Sorry but how a hospital is organized, managed and staffed is far different to organizing, managing and staffing a Mcdonalds or Tesco or refuse collection agency. And we all need hospitals unless you've never been ill a day in your life or known anyone who has, have never had a health scare or fought a debilitating disease such as cancer or diabetes - or had a baby. We put our lives and those of our loved ones in the hands of those who run our hospitals and i think that gives Sam, and each and every one of us, the right to know how efficiently a hospital is being run. By the way, by being efficient I don't mean just saving money. I also mean having enough staff who are more than just adequately trained, staff who have experience and who can properly train those who NEED the experience. You can't have six managers per department and forty eight regular employees without some sort of conflict; there needs to be ONE person in charge per department who the others answer to, who is held responsible for the actions of the department, who oversees training and making sure their employees are doing an acceptable job. I could go on about what true monetary savings would mean and what true efficiency is but you don't think it's my business, do you ??? Shame, because a hospital or health care trust is NOT a business which is what you seem to compare it too....

Posted by dee on 27 July 2012 at 13:19

Sam, your question "Why is it always the front line staff that have to go?" How many Admin and Clerical or Scientific and Technical "backroom" staff have been forced out, down-graded or made redundant? Do you think that actually a lot of A&C/Management staff have been forced out/downgraded but it doesn't make the news because they are not "angels" like the Nursing staff are?

Posted by anon on 27 July 2012 at 13:08

The point is Sam, how a hospital is organised, how it is staffed and managed is, quite frankly non of your business. It is none of your business how McDonalds is managed, it is none of your business how Tescos or your local refuse collection is managed. How many nurses/checkout staff/binmen it needs to carry out their tasks is something you have absolutely no knowledge about.

That is what these union reps (full time union reps, going around scaring people instead of doing their jobs) do, they scare people like you and me who have no idea how a hospital is managed. They claim all kinds of cataclysmic things will happen. Not because they will, but because it threatens the status quo that they and their members currently enjoy.

Remember, your interests as a patient and the interests of the staff are *not the same*. Sometimes they coincide, but sometimes they are actually in significant conflict.

Posted by TB on 26 July 2012 at 22:24

Having worked at CIC for over 30yrs now and in a senior nursing position it breaks my heart to see some fantastic experienced/highly skilled nurses and midwives retiring/leaving to protect their pensions.The management are trying to downgrade our salaries probably before the merger and employ less experienced staff to pay them less but with big responsibiliteis!!

Posted by anon on 26 July 2012 at 19:43

Joan, there is no maternity epidural service at Carlisle. C sections (in Carlisle and many other places) are carried out under a different type of anaesthesia (spinal block) which does not provide the same duration of analgesia. Spinals are also not appropriate for labour. Epidurals are available for some non maternity patients but they are looked after usually in high dependency or on specific surgical wards.

Posted by jon on 26 July 2012 at 10:18

TB they are making me very anxious you're very right!

Joan unfortunately they don't offer epidurals for a natural birth but only when a woman is having a section or in an emergency. It's one of the few trusts that don't offer these routinely upon request due to lack of funding.

Posted by Sam on 26 July 2012 at 09:45

No Sam, the desired impact is to make people like you anxious, and hopefully that will put pressure on those who have to take the decisions.

The people speaking out are speaking on behalf of the staff, never the patients. Any impact on patient care is entirely coincidental.

It's about the people they represent, not the people who pay for the service.

Posted by TB on 25 July 2012 at 21:21

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