Sunday, 29 November 2015

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Cumbrian dog walker captures unexplained object on camera

A Cumbrian dog walker has filmed images which are sure to fuel the debate about whether UFOs exist.

UFO photo
Mystery object caught by dog walker on camera phone

Bob Atkins was using his mobile phone to video his dog as it played in a pool of water at Roanhead on the south Cumbrian coast.

When he later studied the footage he was staggered by what he saw.

The strange event he captured on film lasted barely a second – a second in which a solid looking dark object flashed across the sky at immense speed.

It was only when Bob slowed down the film that he first saw the object clearly. Was it a strange bird?

Perhaps a fault with the camera? Could it even have been some sort a military prototype secretly tested?

Whatever the answer, the images enthralled author Pat Regan, 53, who has written a book about UFO sightings. It includes an account of the Cumbrian incident.

Mr Atkins said: “The object appears in this video for about one second and you have to go into freeze frame to actually see what it is as in normal play it just appears as four black flashes on the screen.

“This was captured on July 23, 2009 at 3.49pm.

“In that one second the last few frames are the few that I think are most significant.

“While filming this at the point where the phenomenon appeared I was facing approximately north.”

Watch Bob's video below. The object appears at 3 seconds. Article continues below

Mr Regan said he carefully checked the footage and concluded the unidentified object was a “solid entity” with a shiny, light upper surface and darker underside.

He said: “The speed is impressive too and I would estimate the altitude of the object to be something around less than 100ft,” he said.

“I believe that we can discount popular sceptical claims for things like camera error, mainly because the UFO takes on a solid obese, saucer-shaped outline and appears to bank over when travelling from right to left in Bob’s film.

“The glossy top surface on the UFO shows as it goes out of sight towards the left of the screen.

“It also seems to be flying much too fast and low to be any type of recognised aircraft.

“Some may suggest that the unknown object was perhaps a large insect or bird.

“But on closer inspection of the footage this seems highly improbable. This may leave two distinct possibilities.

“Did Bob inadvertently capture footage of an undisclosed military prototype aircraft, or aerial vehicle or are we witnessing a mysterious craft of an extraterrestrial nature?”

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Looks like a bug flying close to the camera. It was far to dark to be at a great distance. The atmosphere and ambient light would have given it a slightly tinted shade but the object is solid black.

Posted by Static on 15 October 2010 at 04:53

There is always going to be 2 sides to this argument, and people are taking it far too seriously. In relation to the "orangy-red balls" that drifted silenty over the farmhouse; these were most probably Fire Lanterns. I got a big shock when i was walking over Pendle Hill and saw a red glow bobbing in the air - then I discovered Fire Lanterns haha. UFOs clearly exist becuase the military has a mass of secret files relating to sightings which they just will not investigate. But it is unlikely that you will capture such a phenomenon on a mobile phone.

Posted by Levi on 12 October 2010 at 16:45

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