Thursday, 26 November 2015

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Copeland council elections: Labour triumphs again

Labour was left to celebrate another triumph in Copeland after Thursday’s elections.

They retained a firm control of Copeland and by taking 34 of the borough council seats, a gain of three on the result four years ago.

The Tories now have 15 seats, a loss of four.

And for them the biggest upset came in Whitehaven where Bransty, a Tory stronghold, crashed to Labour.

It was a clean sweep for candidates Dave Smith, Gillian Troughton and Phil Greatorex.

For the defeated Tories it was a bitter pill to swallow.

Chris Whiteside, Conservative parliamentary candidate at the last general election, and Allan Mossop, who represents the West Cumbria Branch of the Federation of Small Businesses, both lost their seats.

Dave Smith – Whitehaven RL’s assistant coach – topped the Bransty poll with 803 votes.

Of the six candidates, Chris Whiteside came next to the last with 649.

He said: “Democracy means people have the right to make their choice. Serving as a councillor is a privilege, not a right.

“I think we fought a good campaign. I love Copeland and will continue in some form or other to work for the local community.”

Among the individual triumphs for Labour was Karl Connor's success in Egremont North where Labour also celebrated a clean sweep. The 29-year-old Sellafield press officer and Whitehaven RL director gained a first time seat along with Sellafield GMB shop steward Dam Pollen.

Reigning Copeland council leader Elaine Woodburn retained her seat comfortably in the same ward.

Despite their disappointments, the Tories can also bring new young blood on the council.

Stephen Haraldsen, who today celebrates his 26th birthday, took one of the two Tory seats in Whitehaven's Hillcrest ward.

With Copeland facing a big cash deficit over the next four years, he said: “This council has to focus on efficiencies and not cut front line services. I will be working to ensure this doesn't happen.”

He works on the Westlakes Science Park.

Labour also has two new councillors sitting for the first time.

Dave Riley, another Selalfield worker, topped the poll in Cleator Moor South where he said he wanted to see more regeneration money ploughed into developing the former Kangol and Ehenside School sites in particular."

And at Mirehouse Peter Kane, the Sellafield GMB convenor swept in for Labour to join brother John, who retained his Whitehaven Harbour place with a massive 913 votes.

Labour's three-seat victory in Egremont North officially confirmed their majority in the 2011 election earlier today.

Council leader Elaine Woodburn (685) retained her seat alongside newcomers Karl Connor (635) and Sam Pollen (714). Sam Meteer (Lab) lost his seat after polling 509. Tory John Holmes polled 371.

Labour also enjoyed a key victory taking three seats in the former Tory stronghold of Bransty.

Phil Greatorex (710), Dave Smith (803) and Gillian Troughton (801) oust Chris Whiteside (649) and Allan Mossop (642). Conservative Brian O'Kane polled 653.

* denotes seat holder before election

Arlecdon (one seat): Marie Simpson (Con), 87; Graham Sunderland (Ind)*, 359. IND HOLD

Beckermet (two): Yvonne Clarkson (Con)*, 681; Jim Hewitson (Lab), 340; John Jackson (Con)*, 556. CON HOLD

Bootle (one): Anne Bradshaw (Lab), 92; Keith Hitchen (Con)*, 453. CON HOLD

Bransty (three): Phil Greatorex (Lab), 710; Allan Mossop (Con)*, 642; Brian O'Kane (Con), 653; Dave Smith (Lab), 803; Gillian Troughton (Lab), 801; Christopher Whiteside (Con)*, 649. LAB GAIN

Cleator Moor North (three): Hugh Branney (Lab)*, 680; Alexander Carroll (Con), 280; Joan Hully (Lab)*, 723; Bill Southward (Lab)*, 688; Daniel Verity (BNP), 129. LAB HOLD

Cleator Moor South (two): Dave Banks (Lab)*, 502; Colin Boyton (BNP), 88; David Riley (Lab), 576; David Walker (Con), 118. LAB HOLD

Distington (three): Jackie Bowman (Lab)*, 598; John Bowman (Lab), 614; Brian Dixon, (Ind)*, 486; Sheena Margaret Jane Gray (Con), 272; Frank Hollowell (Lib Dem) 284; Simon Leyton (Lab), 431. LAB HOLD

Egremont North (three): Karl Connor (Lab), 635; John Postlethwaite Holmes (Con), 371; Sam Meteer (Ind)*, 509; Sam Pollen (Lab), 714; Elaine Woodburn (Lab)*, 685. LAB HOLD

Egremont South (three): Nicola Hewitt (Ind), 295; Lena Hogg (Lab), 694; Elizabeth Hutson (Con), 398; Graham Victor Hutson (Con), 374; Mike McVeigh (Lab)*, 803; Carole Woodman (Lab), 676. LAB HOLD

Ennerdale (one): Andy Crow (Green), 28; Mike Minogue (Lib Dem), 58; Cam Ross (Lab), 96; Bob Salkeld (Con)*, 265. CON HOLD

Frizington: Peter Connolly (Lab)*, 489; Hazel Dirom (Con), 255; Jon Downie (Lab), 355. LAB HOLD

Gosforth (one): Alan Jacob (Con)*, 478; Bernard Kirk (Lab), 439. CON HOLD

Harbour (three): Martin Barbour (Con), 468; John Kane (Lab)*, 913; Graham Roberts (Con), 440; Jeanette Williams (Lab)*, 730; Dorothy Wonnacott (Con), 447; Henry Wormstrup (Lab), 746. LAB HOLD

Haverigg (one): Carl Carter (Lab), 225; Doug Wilson (Con)*,282. CON HOLD

Hensingham (three): Margarita Docherty (Lab)*, 619; Geoff Garrity (Lab)*, 729; Mary Elizabeth Lomas (Con), 302; Norman Williams (Lab)*, 653. LAB HOLD

Hillcrest (two): Stephen Haraldsen (Con), 567; Alistair Norwood (Con)*, 518; John Woolley (Lab), 360. CON HOLD

Holborn Hill (two): Denise Burness (Lab), 259; Fred Gleaves (Con)*, 398; Jane Micklethwaite (Con), 308; Jack Park (Lab)*, 360; Neil Wilson (Green), 73. LAB & CON HOLD

Kells (two): George Clements (Lab)*, 508; Glenn Gray (Con), 199; Allan Holliday (Lab)*, 399. LAB HOLD

Millom Without (one): Karon Carter (Lab), 82; Lynette Rosemary Gilligan (Green), 152; Gilbert Scurrah (Con)*, 386. CON HOLD

Mirehouse (three): George Benson, BNP, 194; Anne Faichney (Lab)*, 775; Peter Kane (Lab), 711; Jim King (Con), 225; Paul Whalley (Lab)*, 583. LAB HOLD

Moresby (one): Geoff Blackwell (Lab)*, 243; Brigid Whiteside (Con), 194. LAB HOLD

Newtown (three): Brian Crawford (Con), 432; John Fallows (Lab), 725; Francis Reginald Heathcote (Con)*, 613; Fee Wilson (Con), 480. CON HOLD

Sandwith (two): Adrian Paul Davis-Johnston (Con), 131; John James Dirom (Con), 104; Malcolm Southward (BNP), 130; Peter Stephenson (Lab), 373; Peter David Tyson (Lab)*, 352. LAB HOLD

Seascale (two): Eileen Eastwood (Con)*, 878; David Moore (Con)*, 935; Wendy Skillicorn (Lab), 292. CON HOLD

St Bees (one): Alan Alexander (Lab), 216; Ian Rowland Hill (Con), 475. CON HOLD


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