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The News & Star is a fresh, bright and bold daily newspaper that is genuinely ‘part of daily life’ across north and west Cumbria.

The paper serves an area that includes Carlisle, west Cumbria, Penrith and parts of south west Scotland.

In recent years it has picked up many regional and national awards.

Reporters are based in Carlisle and Workington and Whitehaven.

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PA to editor: Alison Sisson
Tel: 01228 612617
Email: alison.sisson@cnmedia.co.uk

Associate editor: Chris Story
Tel: 01228 612693
Email: chris.story@cnmedia.co.uk

Head of production: Mike Haworth
Tel: 01228 612676
Email: mike.haworth@cnmedia.co.uk

News editor: Emily Parsons
Tel: 01228 612653
Email: emily.parsons@cnmedia.co.uk

Deputy news editor: Nick Griffiths
Tel: 01228 612206
Email: nick.griffiths@cnmedia.co.uk

Chief reporter: Phil Coleman
Tel: 01228 612298
Email: phil.coleman@cnmedia.co.uk

Business reporter: Duncan Bick
Tel: 01228 612657
Email: duncan.bick@cnmedia.co.uk

Farming reporter: Maureen Hodges
Tel: 01228 612221
Email: maureen.hodges@cnmedia.co.uk

Education reporter: Kelly Pattison
Tel: 01228 612641
Email: kelly.pattison@cnmedia.co.uk

Health reporter: Pam McGowan
Tel: 01228 612661
Email: pam.mcgowan@cnmedia.co.uk

Reporter: Pamela McClounie
Tel: 01228 612232
Email: pamela.mcclounie@cnmedia.co.uk

Reporter: Jonny Irving
Tel: 01228 612660
Email: jonny.irving@cnmedia.co.uk

Reporter: Matt Cobb
Tel: 01228 612204
Email: matthew.cobb@cnmedia.co.uk

Reporter: Jenny Brown
Tel: 01228 612220
Email: jenny.brown@cnmedia.co.uk

West Cumbria reporter: Jenny Barwise
Tel: 01946 595152
Email: jenny.barwise@cnmedia.co.uk

Dep. features editor: Mark Green
Tel: 01228 612205
Email: mark.green@cnmedia.co.uk

Features writer: Roger Lytollis
Tel: 01228 612662
Email: roger.lytollis@cnmedia.co.uk

Features writer: Stephen Blease
Tel: 01228 612663
Email: stephen.blease@cnmedia.co.uk

Photographer: Stuart Walker
Tel: 01228 612269
Email: stuart.walker@cnmedia.co.uk

Photographer: Dave Hollins
Tel: 01228 612631
Email: dave.hollins@cnmedia.co.uk

Photographer: Louise Porter
Tel: 01228 612635
Email: louise.porter@cnmedia.co.uk

Photographer: Paula Paisley
Tel: 01228 612631
Email: paula.paisley@cnmedia.co.uk

Deputy sports editor: Tony Harrison
Tel: 01228 612685
Email: tony.harrison@cnmedia.co.uk

Sports reporter: Jon Colman
Tel: 01228 612690
Email: jon.colman@cnmedia.co.uk

Sports reporter: Thomas Reeves
Tel: 01228 612686
Email: thomas.reeves@cnmedia.co.uk

PRESS COMPLAINTS This newspaper abides by the Independent Press Standards Organisation code of practice.

Readers who wish to make representations about articles or staff should write in the first instance to the Editor, News & Star, Newspaper House, Dalston Road, Carlisle, CA2 5UA.

If not satisfied, complainants can contact: Independent Press Standards Organisation, Gate House, 1 Farringdon Street, London EC4M 7LG

Email: complaints@ipso.co.uk
Tel: 0300 123 2220
Website: www.ipso.co.uk