Wednesday, 02 December 2015

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Anger after driver left injured cat to die on Carlisle road

A grandmother has hit out at a motorist who ran over her grandchildren’s cat.

Hurt cat photo
Logan Donoghue and sister Ava with Sox

Denise Donoghue, 56, of Charles Street, Carlisle, has spent the last few days consoling her daughter Alicia, 34, and her two grandchildren Ava, six, and Logan, eight, after their cat Sox suffered life-threatening injuries over the weekend.

They believe he was run over in the Grey Street/London Road area in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Sox was allowed back home last night but is still receiving treatment and they fear he may still lose a leg.

Denise said: “My daughter heard the cat screaming outside. His face had three-inch gash right down to the flesh and his leg had a five-inch gash right to the bone.

“They were going to operate and my daughter was distraught. My grandson Logan even put it on Facebook.

“This person cannot have a conscience – they must have thought it was nothing.”

Under the Road Traffic Act 1988 motorists are not obliged to report hitting a cat as they are with other animals such as dogs, sheep, horses and cattle. There are several campaigns on a government petition website to try and alter the law to include cats.

Denise supports the idea that drivers should report these incidents to the police or owners.

“It would be nice if they could have come forward and said sorry,” added Denise.

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I agree with Jules F, when getting a cat if you live on a main road then keep indoors or make your garden escape proof. I have 5 cats who are all allowed outside during daylight hours but kept in at dark. Most cats are killed on the road during the night as drivers clearly can't see if a cat runs out from the side of the road. My cats are my babies and I will do anything to protect them from danger. In response to the comment about cats wearing collars, all mine wear collars with bells to try and protect the birds and are microchipped. I agree with the comment about the lurcher type dogs that yobs think its fun to set on cats and other small animals, dogs are supposed to be kept under control at all times. At the end of the day most of the population are animal lovers and I think that anyone who can harm any animal is a wicked and evil person!

Posted by Kerry on 27 July 2013 at 22:20

Some strange comments from so called cat and animal lovers,they take no responsibility for the animal by kicking it out at night, yet say they love it, call everyone else cruel yet know their cats kill birds and some seem to revel in the fact they kill mice and rats,as its nature, yet berate dog owners if their dog kills a cat, total hypocrisy.During this debate i have not seen one cat lover say they even fit a bell to their cat to at least give song birds a chance, and as for the poster who said they dont kill many birds, the figures are easy to find out and you may be astonished to find the figure is 27,500,000 creatures are killed by cats each year of which 55,000,000 are birds(figures from the RSPB)if i owned a dog that killed cats at that rate what would you say?,bet it wouldnt be" its just nature".

Posted by pest controller on 25 July 2013 at 11:25

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