Traffic delays due to delivery of huge wind farm components


Huge components for a new wind farm near Longtown are being delivered this week.

The first convoy of parts for the 125m high turbines at Hallburn Farm were brought through the county on Tuesday.

Scheduled deliveries are set to take place every day except Sunday until October 25.

Larges loads, weighing up to 70 tonnes, are being transported from Blyth Port in the North East along the A69 to Brampton, then onto the A689 to junction 44 at Kingstown. From there the convoys travel along the A7 to Longtown, turning right onto Swan Street towards Hallburn.

Traffic on the route could be delayed and on English Street, the A7, in Longtown, could be brought to a standstill for between 10 and 15.

A total of 16 convoys - one a day consisting of three or four vehicles - with police escort will transport the turbine components, including 18 of the 49-metre- long turbine blades, and other elements weighing up to 70 tonnes.

REG Power Management, which is responsible for the project, said arrangements may change to accommodate operational requirements or police escort availability.

A spokesman explained: “Transport by road is the most practical way of moving the large turbine components.

"The specialist transport contractors will erect notices warning of delays and will attempt to minimise the impact on traffic along the route, but other road users can expect some delays.

"We also very much appreciate the co-operation and patience of residents and businesses in Longtown, throughout the preparation for the move.”

Warnings about any delays will be notified to road users in advance.

The turbines are due to be installed, commissioned and tested by the end of the year.

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