The Great Cumbrian Run: everything you need to know

The 2017 Great Cumbrian Run route.
The 2017 Great Cumbrian Run route.

Runners will be making their way to the start line of the 35th Great Cumbrian Run this weekend.

Here's a little guide of a few things worth knowing before the race.

The route

This year there are some slight changes to the course - the main one being that the finish line has been moved to Bitts Park, due to the closure of the Sheepmount Athletics Stadium.

It's a point worth remembering if you're supporting someone in the race and want to cheer them on as they finish.

The closure of the suspension bridge in Rickerby Park also means the sting in the tail - the final steep ascent up out of the park to Brampton Road - is not included this year.

Other than that the course is largely the same as it has been since 2010, heading out from the city to Cumwhinton, Wetheral and Scotby before making its way back.

Commenting on the slight change of course, Jacqui Watson, general manager at The Sands Centre, said: "We've manged to do it and it's actually quite a nice route to the finish.

"We've had to change the route from instead of going over the suspension bridge we're coming up and back off towards Newman School and across to Victoria Place and down Georgian Way so we can get in Bitts Park."

The route now includes a hairpin loop of Bitts Park and Mayor's Drive - which is usually included - before runners reach the 13.1 mile final target.

There will be four water stations throughout the course.


The half marathon starts at 10am at Carlisle Castle on Sunday.

More than 1,300 runners are expected to take part in this year's event so planning ahead is important.

Organisers are asking runners to be within the castle grounds 30 minutes before the race.

The first race warm-up will begin at 9.25am.

Spectators are not allowed inside the castle.

Presentations for the first, second and third placed men and women will take place at about 11.30am in Bitts Park.

The race will officially conclude at 1pm.

Race numbers, timing chips and t-shirts

Will be available for collection at The Sands Centre between 1pm and 6pm tomorrow and from 7am - 9.15am on Sunday from Carlisle Castle ahead of the race.


Sunday's forecast is shadowed by stormy conditions, which could pose an additional challenge.

The yellow warning of wind and rain, issued by the Met Office on Thursday, comes into force in the early hours of Sunday and is valid until 6pm.

A second 24 hour warning of warning of wind has been issued for Monday.

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