Shocked bystanders see man plummet from second floor window on to busy Carlisle street


Bystanders looked on in horror as a man plummeted from a second floor window on to one of Carlisle's busiest streets.

One witness described how police officers who were working in Botchergate on Saturday night gave the man emergency first aid, including CPR, before he was taken to The Cumberland Infirmary for further treatment.

Cumbria Police confirmed the man is in hospital in a serious but stable condition.

In the meantime, some people have taken to social media to express their disgust with clubbers who shortly after the man was injured began taking photos and shooting videos, with some even criticising the police for trying to keep them away.

Some bystanders – clearly drunk – even tried to duck under police incident tape sealing off the scene to get closer for better pictures.

Marc Allan, who owns the Queen's party bar in Botchergate, said he saw the man fall from a second floor window above the Pizza Time takeaway. Door-staff who were in the area immediately radioed for police assistance.

Like others who saw the late-night incident, he was shocked by the reaction of some revellers in the minutes after the man fell and as he lay seriously injured on the pavement.

“It was crazy,” said Mr Allan.

“One of the door lads ran up to the scene with a defibrillator, and I saw the police doing CPR on the lad. It was heartbreaking. But people were going up taking videos and photographs.

"There was a fair few of them.

“Some even tried to barge past and get under the police tape. It was basically Saturday night revellers who'd had too much to drink. It was just stupid – really disappointing. This was something which you never expect to see.

“It was hard to see."

Katie Olly wrote: “I could be steaming and I'd still have respect and decency. Some people shouldn't drink if it makes them like that. If I saw a man plummet to the ground from the top of a building, last thing I'd be doing is filming it. Sick.

“Sad thing too that he did in front of others and that is an image that will stay with them.”

Stacey Kidd posted the comment: “The guy has been seriously injured and to film, laugh and to take photos is pretty sick.”

Another young woman posted that she had been unable to sleep since witnessing the man's fall last night. Several others posted heartfelt and sympathetic messages about the injured man and his family.

They included a comment from James Tucker, who said: “The poor lad.. thoughts with his family and friends at what’s going to be an awful time. Dark times.”

A spokesman for Cumbria Police said: "A man sustained serious injuries as a result of falling from a second storey window ledge onto Bothergate.

"Police initially administered immediate first aid before the male was transported to hospital where he continues to be treated. He is currently described as being in a serious, but stable, condition.

The incident is not being treated as suspicious at this time."

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