New scheme to encourage Cumbrian families to use real nappies


A new scheme is encouraging people to use real nappies to tackle a waste management issue.

The county council is issuing vouchers worth £30 to encourage families to use real nappies.

Celia Tibble, cabinet member for environment, said the county council struggles to deal with disposable nappies when it comes to household waste management.

At a meeting of the county council's local committee for Allerdale last week she said: "I was absolutely fascinated when I visited our mechanical biological treatment plant. Almost all of the waste that ends up there is reused and recycled but there is a 2 per cent that cannot be recycled. The most difficult things to deal with are mattresses and nappies."

Every single child uses on average 5,850 disposable nappies in their lifetime. That's the same weight as two fully grown dairy cows.

The vouchers are valid with a minimum spend of £45 and can be spent for items such as real nappies, waterproof nappy covers, nappy liners, potty training pants and reusable swim nappies.

Families with a child under six month or expecting a baby can apply for the voucher.

Families with twins are eligible for a £45 voucher.

To find out more about the Cumbria Real Nappy Campaign visit

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