Drug-driver 'stuck two fingers up at society' says Carlisle judge


A criminal who flouted a suspended jail term was blasted by a judge for "sticking two fingers up to society".

Daniel Roberts, 27, was locked up for 15 months at Carlisle Crown Court after his latest brush with the law. This included him assaulting a police officer.

The court heard Roberts - who had 57 previous convictions - was given a suspended jail term in December for a cannabis offence. But just six months later Roberts was spotted asleep in a Fiat van parked at an angle in Workington.

Beccy McGregor, prosecuting, said: "Officers were aware the defendant can be a difficult customer. They woke him. He was immediately arrested on suspicion of driving over the prescribed limit. He had to be held up due to his intoxication."

He refused to take a breath test and Ms McGregor said: "He kicked out at PC Platt, kneeing him first of all in the thigh and kicking him to the shin. This caused the officer to suffer from a dead leg and also pain to his knee.

"Due to his aggressive demeanour he had to be taken to the floor. Further officers had to be called. He continued his torrent of abuse to the officers."

His behaviour at the police station was described as "violent, uncooperative, abusive and intoxicated".

Jamie Baxter, defending, said Roberts had health problems at the time and had taken Valium tablets to try and help him sleep.

Roberts admitted failing to provide a specimen, disqualified driving, having no insurance, PC assault and behaving violently on police premises.

Recorder Michael Murray reminded Roberts - a father-of-two, of Gatehead, Great Clifton - he had been given a chance.

"Sadly, you didn't behave," Recorder Murray told him. "All you have done, if I can use the colloquial, is to stick two fingers up to society by what you have done."

"You have just thrown the opportunity back in the face of society that was extended."

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