ONE of Cumbria's most promising young singer-songwriters will launch her debut EP, supporting it with a busy run of live shows.

Simone Armstrong, from Seaton, near Workington, has been working on Never Automatic for the past five months, and the four-track release lands on Friday.

Following two previous singles, the 18-year-old headed into the studio at Workington's Soundwave HQ to produce Caffeine, Drive, Temptation and It's Not Me It's You.

She says: "We started working on the new EP immediately after releasing my second single, Mooncrash, during the blood-moon on January 31.

"I try to spend as much time in the studio as I can. I’ve released two songs before this EP, so I feel pretty comfortable in the studio now and it’s probably my favourite place.

"Soundwave has been a massive part of this EP - I’ve been able to record all of my songs there and had lots of help from friends of Soundwave with things like guest vocals and help tracking instruments that I don’t play myself."

Simone's new tracks have a professional quality that belies her young age and relative inexperience.

Away from the studio, she's picked up the plaudits for her numerous live appearances over the past 12 months, including most recently at Workington's Touch Down Festival.

Her live work is beginning to take her further afield than just West Cumbria, with one of her more high-profile upcoming shows being an appearance at Manchester Town Hall next month.

Simone says: "Recently I’ve started to move away from playing solo with my acoustic guitar and have been playing the songs from my EP with a live band - we’re jokingly calling ourselves Simone and The Simones.

"We’ve received a lot of positive feedback and look forward to playing more gigs with this new arrangement.

"We hope that we can reach even more people with this EP; the last single, Mooncrash, has received a lot of positive feedback and we hope to bounce off that. We want to drive more traffic to my Facebook and Spotify profiles.

"I’d love for music to be my main career. In September I’ll be going to a music university to study business and management within the industry, but I’ll also be performing a lot while I’m in the right place to do so."

Never Automatic will be available via digital retailers from Friday July 20.

Simone's next live outings are: Arlecton Fun Day on Saturday July 21; The Yellow Earl, in Whitehaven, on Thursday August 2, and at the same venue with The Simones on Saturday 4; Manchester Town Hall on Saturday 11; and back at The Yellow Earl with The Simones on Friday 17.