Whitehaven Rugby League club have been involved in more High Court procedures over the late payment of a bill to HMRC.

Chief Registrar Nicholas Briggs dismissed a winding up petition brought by HMRC after being told that the debt had been paid in full.

It is the third time in 11 months that the club has been spared being wound up at the court over tax debts.

Similar petitions by the taxman were dismissed in June this year and December last year after the debts were paid.

Whitehaven, who felt the need to respond to the latest appearance on the High Court order list, issued the following statement.

It read: “The Club was listed for a hearing at the High Court on Monday as a result of a winding up petition issued by HM Revenue & Customs in respect of monies owing. The petition was dismissed by the Chief Registrar at the hearing after being advised by the Revenue that the debt had in fact been paid in full several weeks ago.

“We as a Club make every effort to ensure that bills are paid in a timely manner but due to the nature of our sport and Revenue issues with monies owed by other rugby league clubs they, the Revenue, have adopted what is effectively a zero tolerance policy on any monies outstanding.

“The winding up process begins almost immediately an amount becomes overdue even though, as in our case, the debt was paid in full long before the date of the hearing.”

It is understood Whitehaven paid the latest bill four days after the due date and that this occurred two months ago.

When they first appeared on the High Court order list they were one of seven professional rugby league clubs included at that time.