Ex-Reds chairman Dale Brotherton has hit out at the Workington board of directors, saying they have “failed to welcome his interest in the club”.

Mr Brotherton, who is bidding to buy the ground and grant a 100-year lease to Reds for a nominal fee, says they are not willing to engage in further talks with him.

The Workington board has released a statement saying that it is looking into all possibilities with regards to the future of Borough Park.

But in a statement, Mr Brotherton said: “To date, I have received no meaningful response from John Mackay, joint acting chairman of Workington Reds, despite two separate invites to meet with Allerdale Council to outline the club’s vision for Borough Park.

“On each and every occasion the board have frustrated the negotiation process agreed between myself and Allerdale.

“Having acted with, what I feel, is great transparency, I was surprised that no board members attended the public meeting held at Borough Park on Tuesday, May 2 to discuss my proposal. This was despite

all members having been invited to attend.

“At the meeting, a vote was taken of those present to see whether they supported or otherwise the proposal to give Borough Park a 100-year lease. 113 voted in favour along with two abstentions with nobody in opposition to the plan in principal.”

He concluded: “The board have categorically failed to welcome my interest in the club and no mention is made of engaging in further talks with myself regarding this matter.

“I retain legitimate concerns that the Board of Directors are failing in their duty to protect the interests of the shareholders.

“All supporters and interested parties can rest assured, despite the above, that I will continue to fight for the future of Borough Park.”

The Reds board declined to comment on Mr Brotherton’s statement.

Earlier they confirmed that they were still in talks with Allerdale Council over Borough Park.

They released a statement which read: “The board can confirm that talks with Allerdale Council regarding the future of Workington AFC, including the possible option presented by Mr Brotherton, are ongoing.

“As part of our Business Plan, we have nurtured the Reds Development Fund group, increased advertising and sponsorship and are currently in the process of undertaking the major new initiative of Reds in the Community, all in the hope of providing a stable business platform to support a successful Workington Football Club.

“It is incumbent upon the board we consider all options, including Mr Brotherton’s offer, with a view to consolidating the long term future of the club.

“However, it is important that we have time to bring our discussions with Allerdale to a conclusion and, when we are in a position to do so, will provide the shareholders with the options available to move the club forward.”

The board added that they hoped for everyone’s patience as they look to make a decision.

The statement added: “We ask for your patience in this matter as we need to make the best decision for the long term future of the club.

“Whatever the outcome, the decision must be based on the sustainability of WAFC in the long term and cannot be rushed without all options being presented for consideration.”