Workington Reds’ open meeting to hear an update on developments at Borough Park will go ahead tonight as planned.

There appeared to be some confusion since the original announcement of whether it should be for shareholders only.

A statement from the directors has explained the situation, and emphasised that the purpose of the meeting is purely to update all interested parties of the position of Workington AFC and Borough Park.

It read: “There will be no votes taken or resolutions passed at the meeting, as this can only be undertaken in the correct way at a formally constituted shareholders meeting, which this is not.

“Although it is an open meeting, to which all fans are invited, all shareholders were informed of the meeting out of common courtesy, as many live out of town and would not be aware of the meeting through the local media.

“Even though shareholders were informed, this is not a formal shareholders meeting as any proposal/resolution would have needed to have been sent with any invitation to the meeting.”

The directors have invited representatives of Allerdale Borough Council to the meeting so that their position can also be indicated to the fans.

The statement concluded: “We encourage everyone to attend to hear what the board of directors has to say regarding the position of the club.

“The presentation will be clear and informative, and conducted in an orderly manner with an opportunity for fans to ask questions at the end.”

Last month, more than 100 fans attended a meeting called by former chairman Dale Brotherton to hear his proposals to buy the ground and give the club a long lease.

Since then, the board have been criticised for their non-attendance and lack of response.

This will be the opportunity to put their views and report on the progress they have made in securing the long-term future of the club.

The meeting will take place tonight at 7pm in the Social Club at Borough Park.