COUNCILLORS have condemned the Government's running of the NHS amid concern that Wycombe Hospital's Accident and Emergency unit may close.

Members of Wycombe District Council from all political sides agreed there was great concern about a town the size of Wycombe having no unit.

Buckinghamshire Health Authority is holding an acute services review of the possibility that some specialities, including A&E, are at risk of moving to Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

At a meeting of the full council on Monday, Cllr Ted Collins (Lab, Booker and Castlefield) proposed a motion stating "this council confirms its support for an A and E department at Wycombe Hospital and urges the health authority, if and when considering any future restructuring of medical facilities, to retain the A and E department at Wycombe Hospital".

He said: "The BFP a few weeks ago revealed there had been discussions within the health authority regarding the possible closure of Wycombe A&E department. I don't believe, and my colleagues don't believe, that will actually happen but it's a possibility.

"We should make the PCG (Primary Care Group) aware. Some people in my ward have got a petition up and they'll be presenting it next week."

Cllr Chauhdry Shafique (Lab, Oakridge and Tinkers Wood) seconded the motion and said: "Everyone in Wycombe and district should not only have healthcare but have it immediately available."

An amendment to the motion was added by Cllr David Evans (Con, Lane End and Piddington) and passed by the council, stating at the beginning that "this council condemns the Labour Government for promising so much and delivering so little on the NHS in Wycombe".

Labour and Lib Dem councillors voted against the amendment.

A spokesman for Buckinghamshire Health Authority said: "Full consideration will be given to views expressed."

Health boss Roy Darby said: "I would find it very difficult to envisage any situation in which the A&E department at Wycombe could close."