Carlisle United fans gave us their views on social media platform X after the 1-0 home defeat to Bristol Rovers.

Here's a selection of their comments.

Not a lot created, not a lot conceded. However once again we end up the losing side, frustrating to say the least. (@dubhead77)

We are on the ropes getting pummelled, no doubt about that. It’ll be painful to watch until the January transfer window, when the Piatak money should kick in. There’s only 3-4 League One standard players in the current squad, but there’s team effort and determination throughout. (@AyeCumbrian)

Goals were always going to be the problem after summer’s dealings… and so it is proving. We just have to hope we can hang in there until reinforcements arrive. (@Blencath007)

Not being able to score goals is absolutely killing us at the minute, another game added to the list where we were the better side for long periods but we just can score. Looking at December fixtures we need to hit some kind of form. (@peterbell83)

One word: Passive. No one (apart from Gibson) trying to make anything happen or show any initiative, complete lack of character & creativity. Moxon too deep and awful set pieces which have become the norm. (@PeteMcCormick6)

Far too predictable. No ideas. No anticipation. No luck. Too many bad injuries. No depth in the squad. Other than that, things look rosy. (@BruceVander)

Going to take positives here: Simmo’s tactics worked (and the enforced change of Maguire for Hunts worked better); McGeouch did well; Plange had his best game (not a high bar) and we were denied several times by a very good goalkeeper. BUT…Why bring Ablade on the right and then spend the last ten minutes never giving him the ball after he’d scared them silly with his pace? (@JHallHDI)

Overall play was not bad, the ball is going into the right areas, just not clinical or brave enough to capitalise. Think the team have lost a fair bit of belief, and that is showing. If you had said in Feb 22 we would have made it to L1 though… In a much better place as a club. (@CarlisleSaint)

Plenty effort, little goal threat, cr@p ref, cheatin opposition, fluke goal, what more is there... ? Oh another Harrogate encounter to look forward to......NOT (@LindaNi121202)

Arguably the wrong starting 11 but no midfield creativity and no goal scorer, a team that is worse than last year's (@DaveGMcM)

Folk moaning about the performance today like its end of the world stuff! I'd rather watch today's team than a lot of other stuff I've endured the last few years. People need to remember how far we've come and lower their expectations! The moaners are back, didn't take long! (@ShazCaton)

Disappointing again. Unlucky with the goal, but no punch up front. Hardly any shots on target.. (@alantorchwood)

If you can’t score against 10 men and can’t create for 90 minutes you’ve no hope at this level. (_olicaig)

We are in a huge amount of trouble. (@krisfoster)

I hear all the time, 'January this, January that'....people are living in dream world with high expectations. Just saying (@HunterMartyn)

Its not the fact we have one of the lowest budgets, it is how we spread it out too thinly on too many. Better to have committed say 70% on a proven striker. You can get away with average midfielders & defenders when you get goals... aka Dennis last season. (@Andythehood)

Not scoring enough it's as simple as that. The effort is there and we are in every single game but the quality in the final third has to improve. Need Kayode back fit ASAP to support Garner. (@Tomw0892)

Getting to the point where I’m no longer sure January will save us. Could easily replace 8/9 of that first team. Never looked like scoring, unable to do the basics, sloppy goal conceded through Plange not bothering to track his man. Awful (@parkinsonross)

That goal sums season up, could have gone anywhere. Hunts back too early? Garner out next after 5th yellow for winning ball. Two pens denied by ref and had to be told a red for their player for being last man and blatant foul. Very impressed with McGeouch, MOM (@ericgreen866)

Getting beat and playing at the back as if they're 4 nil up. Not good enough (@PaulLighty24910)

Bloody awful to watch (@FyldeVandal)

Frustrating again. BR didn’t look unbeatable and somehow we have lost again. It was a 0-0 game that we have given points away for against opponents who didn't look any better than us. Again. We need to turn this around before January before the damage is done and its too late. (@cw03moore)

Story of our season, not playing terrible but final 3rd is terrible. A proven goal scorer could literally save us, another game walking away feeling unlucky (@DavidJav9954)

We need huge amounts of luck, week in week out, until we can have mathematical safety. (@carlisl9125)

Lots of huff and puff but no end product & sucker punched at the other end, story of the season unfortunately (@cufccraig1983)